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Our Microspheres

How It Works

Flow Pharma’s biomedicines are created by inserting biological fragments inside small microspheres. The targeted cells absorb the microspheres, either making the cell inert or teaching it to produce an immunotherapeutic response against the disease the biomedicine is treating.

Flow Pharma has spent 10 years developing our FlowVax platform. We believe it is ideally suited for treating patients. Our proprietary manufacturing process makes FlowVax microspheres the same size as white blood cells, allowing each white blood cell to process only one neoantigen at a time optimizing the critical antigen presentation process.

Our microspheres are precision manufactured to exact size specifications for target cell absorption.

By putting only one type of peptide antigen in each microsphere, only that peptide will be taken up by an antigen presenting cell because two spheres cannot fit into a cell at the same time. We call this approach Size Exclusion Antigen Presentation Control, or SEAPAC for short.  The SEAPAC approach is covered by issued patents in Australia, Canada, the United States and the European Union.

What goes Inside Our Biomedicines

Flow Pharma incorporates two immune stimulating chemicals into all our microsphere formulas. These stimulators (MPLA and CpG) have been used in several US FDA approved medicines for years. The PLGA polymer that is used in the microsphere manufacturing is the same material that has been safely used on hundreds of millions of patients over many decades.  It is the same organic material found in absorbable stitches and is also found in several FDA approved medicines.

All three organic components of FLOVID-20 and the Flow Pharma immuno-therapeutic  platform (PLGA, MPLA and CpG)  are in currently FDA approved medicines.