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Under Development, FDA Approval Required

A Targeted T-cell Immunotherapy for COVID-19 positive patients administered by your doctor using a standard inhalation nebulizer. FLOVID-20 is being developed for patients recently exposed to SARS-CoV-2 who are at risk of developing the COVID-19 disease.

by Flow Pharma, Inc., a California BioPharma Corporation
Ebola Vaccine Creator
United States Department of Defense Contractor
COVID-19 Public-Private Partnership Participant

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Treatment For All COVID Virus Variants

Our FLOVID-20 targeted T-Cell immunotherapy is designed to work against all of the potential variants of the COVID-19 Virus


Virus Samples Analyzed: 380,587

Viral sequence data courtesy of GISAID Database

* Spike protein samples (red) are plotted as a mutant if 6 to 12 amino acid substitutions are detected. Any nucleocapsid protein amino acid substitution in the FLOVID-20 subset (blue), is plotted as mutant.

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Forget the Needle

And forget the refrigerator. One and done.

An inexpensive powder, stable at room temperature.

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Seeing is Believing

FLOVID-20 showed efficacy in a pre-clinical study in non-human primates, protecting against COVID-19 pneumonia.

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Available and Scalable

Currently produced and rapidly scalable.

An innovative, inexpensive, COVID-19 treatment.

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Our Mission

Flow Pharma engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art biomedicines.

Our unique patented delivery systems and biotechnology are ideally suited for curative intervention in COVID-19, Ebola, and treatment-resistant cancers.

Our Biomedicines



A prophylactic needle-free nebulizer treatment to prevent COVID-19 in both virus-exposed and healthy patient populations. A unique targeted T-Cell immunotherapy biomedicine designed to help cure and prevent COVID-19.

FlowVax Ebola


By relying on T-cells rather than antibodies, FlowVax Ebola provides long lasting protection through enhanced immune targeting and surveillance of the hidden Ebola virus nucleocapsid protein. FLOVID-20 targets the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the same way.

FlowVax Marburg


Marburg is an Ebola-like virus weaponized by hostile forces. Working directly with the United States Dept. of Defense, we are developing FlowVax Marburg, a prophylactic nebulized biomedicine to protect at-risk military forces and civilians.

FlowVax BreastCA


A revolutionary approach to breast cancer that utilizes T-cell biomedicines to provide highly efficacious therapy.

Our Medicine

All COVID-19 patients​
deserve meaningful treatment.

Efficacy, Safety, and Convenience are everything. We believe FLOVID-20 can provide it.

Under Development, FDA Approval Required

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    designed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths

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    using components currently used in FDA approved medications with no observed adverse events in our pre-clinical studies

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    inhaled, office-administered, inexpensive, hospital-free​