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Vaccination by Inhalation


X-rays of COVID-19 exposed monkeys.

The left monkey was treated with FLOVID-20.



Under Development, FDA approval required.


Treatment for new COVID-19 infections. Administered by inhaler.

The mutation threat is growing. FLOVID-20 is designed to treat all known variants.

Under Development, FDA Approval Required

The FlowVax Platform

A new kind of immune system therapy (immunotherapy).

Medicines that precisely treat cancer and viral disease with minimal side effects.

Stable Dry Powder

Multiple Delivery Pathways

  • For Virus – inhalation, intramuscular

  • For Cancer – intranodal, intramuscular

Quick disease-specific therapy creation. Rapid high-volume production capability.

Our Mission

Flow Pharma engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art medicines.

Our unique patented delivery system and biotechnology are ideally suited for curative intervention in cancer and viral disease.

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A inhaled treatment to prevent COVID-19 disease in both virus-exposed and healthy patient populations.

FlowVax Ebola & Marburg

Ebola, Marburg

Marburg is a weaponized Ebola-like virus. By stimulating T-cells to target this virus, long-lasting infection prevention is attainable.

FlowVax BreastCA


A revolutionary T-cell biomedicine that provides new hope for those with treatment-resistant, triple-negative breast cancer.

FlowVax HPV

Cancer, HPV

A targeted T-cell immunotherapy for HPV-induced squamous cell carcinoma of the head, neck, and cervix.