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Vaccination by Inhalation


X-rays of COVID-19 exposed monkeys.

The left monkey was treated with FLOVID-20.

Under Development, FDA approval required.


Treatment for new COVID-19 infections. Administered by inhaler.

The mutation threat is growing. FLOVID-20 is designed to treat all known variants.

Under Development, FDA Approval Required

The FlowVax Platform

A revolutionary targeted killer T-Cell immune system therapy (immunotherapy) platform validated by extensive animal testing in mice and macaques.

Medicines that precisely treat cancer and viral disease with minimal side effects.

Stable Dry Powder

Multiple Delivery Pathways

  • For Virus – inhalation, intramuscular

  • For Cancer – intranodal, intramuscular

Quick disease-specific therapy creation. Rapid high-volume production capability.

Our Mission

Flow Pharma is dedicated to immunotherapy innovation.

Our exclusive technology and manufacturing expertise are poised to transform the treatment and prevention of cancer and viral disease.

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An inhaled treatment to prevent COVID-19 disease in both virus-exposed and healthy patient populations.

FlowVax Ebola & Marburg

Ebola, Marburg

Marburg is a weaponized Ebola-like virus. By stimulating T-cells to target this virus, long-lasting infection prevention is attainable.

FlowVax BreastCA


A revolutionary T-cell biomedicine that provides new hope for those with treatment-resistant, triple-negative breast cancer.

FlowVax HPV

Cancer, HPV

A targeted T-cell immunotherapy for HPV-induced squamous cell carcinoma of the head, neck, and cervix.