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Flow Pharma, Inc.

  • World Leader in T-Cell Immunotherapy 
  • Unique Expertise in Selective T-Cell Stimulation
  • United States Department of Defense Vaccine Contractor
  • Ebola Vaccine Creator

Flow Pharma, Inc. is a Cleveland Ohio based biopharmaceutical company. We utilize artificial intelligence to detect peptide targets on cancer cells and virus-infected cells. We then design, synthesize, and deliver identical peptides to stimulate therapeutic attack by the patient’s native immune system. These revolutionary T-cell stimulating therapeutic peptides can be administered by injection or inhalation to selectively stimulate precision-targeted immune response.

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We recently completed pre-clinical testing of FLOVID-20, a COVID-19 immunotherapy, at the United States National Laboratory at the University of Texas in Galveston. The test results demonstrate that FLOVID-20 immunized macaque monkeys, protecting them from COVID-19.

Flow Pharma has created FlowVax Survivin, a breast cancer immuno-therapeutic, targeting a neoantigen found on malignant breast cells. Our initial animal tests demonstrate a favorable response in hormone therapy resistant malignant breast cells (triple negative breast cancer). Our additional cancer therapeutic development targets include HPV-related cancers of the cervix and head & neck.

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