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Our Biomedicines



A prophylactic needle-free nebulizer treatment to prevent COVID-19 in both virus-exposed and healthy patient populations. A unique targeted T-Cell immunotherapy biomedicine designed to help cure and prevent COVID-19.

FlowVax Ebola


By relying on T-cells rather than antibodies, FlowVax Ebola provides long lasting protection through enhanced immune targeting and surveillance of the hidden Ebola virus nucleocapsid protein. FLOVID-20 targets the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the same way.

FlowVax Marburg


Marburg is an Ebola-like virus weaponized by hostile forces. Working directly with the United States Dept. of Defense, we are developing FlowVax Marburg, a prophylactic nebulized biomedicine to protect at-risk military forces and civilians.

FlowVax BreastCA


A revolutionary approach to breast cancer that utilizes T-cell biomedicines to provide highly efficacious therapy.

FlowVax HPV

Cancer, HPV

FlowVax-HPV is under development as a targeted T-cell immunotherapy for HPV induced squamous cell carcinomas of the head, neck, and cervix.