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FlowVax BreastCA


FlowVax BreastCA is being designed to treat a wide range of breast cancers.
A universal treatment for immediate delivery of widely effective therapy.


  • Under Development, FDA Approval Required.
  • Available On-Demand bio-medicine targeting tumor-associated antigens.
  • Will work for many breast cancer patients.
  • Delivered through intranodal injection
  • Engineered with next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence.


  • Pre-Clinical Feasibility
  • Gene Sequencing Clinical Study
  • Phase I Clinical Study

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer cells

Breast cancer is an abnormal growth disease that most commonly presents as a lump that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue. More than 80% of cases are discovered when a person detects such a lump with the fingertips. The earliest breast cancers, however, are detected by a mammogram.

A scanning electron microscopic 3D-enhanced NIH image of cancer cells and lamellipodia spike processes on a cellular tissue surface. Credit: National Institutes of Health/Department of Health and Human Services

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