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CDRE (ret) Moshabab Alqahtani

CDRE (ret) Moshabab Alqahtani

CDRE (ret) Moshabab Alqahtani

Regional Advisor

Retired Commodore Moshabab Alqahtani, a distinguished and highly decorated naval officer, served in the Saudi Arabian Navy and the Ministry of Interior with unparalleled dedication and valor for over 33 years.

Alqahtani demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic thinking throughout his training and education. He excelled and obtained his Bachelor of Military Marine Science from King Fahad Naval College and his Masters in Military Science from the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces Command and Staff College. He embarked on a distinguished career marked by a series of commendations and advancements. His commitment to excellence and unwavering sense of duty earned him recognition for his abilities.

During his tenure, CDRE (ret) Alqahtani played pivotal leadership roles in various exercises, including North Thunder and others. His oversight and management were instrumental in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of these exercises, contributing significantly to their success.

Commodore Alqahtani’s commitment to professional development was evident in his continuous pursuit of advanced training and education both domestically and abroad, including opportunities in the United States and France. He further honed his skills in global diplomacy and leadership through these experiences.

In recognition of his service, Commodore Alqahtani was awarded the Centennial Medal, Desert Storm Medal, and the Meritorious Service Medal, among others, for his contributions to regional stability and cooperation.

Upon retirement, Commodore Alqahtani continues to contribute to promoting peace, security, and prosperity for his country through various advisory roles and activities.