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Programmable Vaccine Delivery

Flow Pharma has a T-Cell based vaccine delivery platform which involves only synthetic components (no live virus vector or recombinant-DNA manufactured proteins). The vaccine platform has been tested for a HIV vaccine application (Immunity Project program in partnership with Until There's A Cure) yielding promising results in animals and in human blood. Favorable targets on the HIV virus surface were identified using machine learning software. These targets were then incorporated into the microsphere-based vaccine along with adjuvants (chemicals that cause an immune response). The human body treats the microspheres like an infectious disease which allows for delivery of a payload of targets to the human immune system.

Flow Pharma is now using a similar approach to develop a vaccine for Ebola, and common cold. Benefits of the Flow Pharma approach include room temperature stability (no cold chain required), nasal inhalable delivery and potential for preventive and therapeutic applications.

Flow Pharma has completed animal testing for the underlying vaccine platform in over 100 mice (peer reviewed and published in Vaccine), and has strong human blood in vitro data with the Immunity Project HIV vaccine prototype that will be published in the near future.

We are doing this with...

...Proprietary technology

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...A distinguished board of advisors

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