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Flow Focusing™

Flow Pharma acquired the exclusive license for the Flow Focusing™ formulation and manufacturing technology for the purpose of making microspheres used in implantable drug delivery products from the University of Seville in Spain. The technology was developed by Dr. Alfonso Ganan-Calvo, professor of Fluid Mechanics, who was awarded the 1998 Smoluchowski Award for discovering this process. The Flow Focusing micro fabrication process features three distinct advantages that we believe are important to the success of Flow Pharma in developing and producing commercially successful drug delivery products:

1. Precision – The Flow Focusing process produces specific sphere sizes, which is critical in providing a controlled release drug delivery on a pre-determined basis. A major differentiating part of this manufacturing technique is the ability to create uniform spheres in programmable sizes with a variety of materials.  Compared to other procedures, we believe that the Flow Focusing process allows a higher level of quality and reproducibility on a sustainable basis to comply with GMP requirements and regulations.

2. Robust and cost effectiveness – The efficiency of the Flow Focusing process allows production of microspheres without the waste of raw materials and additional manufacturing steps required by other techniques to derive the encapsulated product. This technique, which will be run using Process Analytical Technology (PAT), allows fabrication of commercial production quantities of microspheres at a much higher level of consistency than other manufacturing processes.

Flow Focusing™ process used by Flow Pharma for Microsphere Manufacturing
The size of the liquid jet exiting the exit orifice is inversely proportional to the pressure drop across the exit orifice and directly proportional to the liquid flow rate. This jet rapidly breaks up into uniformly sized microspheres. Note that the liquid is guided by an invisible funnel shaped "lens" of gas and does not actually touch the exit orifice.
Microencapsulated Antibiotic Spheres
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