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Products - First Product: Edura™ gentamicin

Edura™ gentamicin is planned to be Flow Pharma’s initial product, and the first planned indication will be for instrumented spine surgery. Administered in combination with thrombin and/or collagen matrix, Edura gentamicin will be used by the surgeon at the time of closure for insertion into the wound. This application is intended to require no change in standard operating room practice and should be easily added to the surgeon’s regular operating routine. There are three characteristics of Edura gentamicin we believe will collectively make this product unique and effective: 

Formulation – The Flow Focusing™ maunfacturing process will allow Edura gentamicin microspheres to be fabricated with precise predetermined parameters. 

Location – Because Edura gentamicin will be placed by the surgeon into the wound prior to closure, targeted drug delivery can be achieved post-surgery at levels not sustainable with current IV therapy, with little or no systemic absorption, minimizing the risk of systemic toxicity. 

Controlled release – A desired drug release profile can be achieved. Tissue gentamicin levels have been targeted to kill Staph Aureus.


Video describing Flow Pharma's Edura™ gentamicin biodegradable microsphere
technology for surgical site infection (SSI) prevention

In-vivo release of gentamicin encapsulated into Edura™ microspheres compared with gentamicin powder release into surgical wound hematoma
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